Ponnaiyar River

  • It is a trans-boundary river.
  • The river originates in the Nandi Hills in the Chikkaballapura district of Karnataka and flows through Tamil Nadu before emptying into the Bay of Bengal
  • The Ponnaiyar Basin is the second largest interstate East flowing river basin among the 12 basins lying between the Pennar and Cauvery basins. It covers a large area in the state of Tamil Nadu besides the areas covered in the states of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.


  • Service voters are members of the armed forces of the Union or States, or members of forces to which provisions of the Army Act are applicable, or those who are employed under the Government of India and are outside the country.
  • Such voters are entitled to appoint any person as their proxy to cast a vote on their behalf and in their name at the polling station.
  • The proxy must be an ordinary resident of that constituency.
  • He or she need not be a registered voter but must not be disqualified to be registered as a voter.
  • The provision for voting through proxy is valid till the person making the appointment is a service voter.
  • Once appointed, the proxy will continue until his or her appointment is revoked by the service voter.

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