International Intellectual Property (IP) Index

News: India jump eight places to 36th position on the International Intellectual Property (IP) Index, the highest gain for any country this year.


  • It analyses the IP climate in 50 global economies, is brought out by the US Chamber of Commerce’s Global Innovation Policy Center (GIPC).
  • India’s eight-point jump in 2019 from 44th position in 2018 is the highest increase among 50 nations mapped by the index.
  • The improvement reflects important reforms implemented by Indian policymakers towards building and sustaining an innovation ecosystem for domestic entrepreneurs and foreign investors alike
  • The U.S., the U.K., Sweden, France and Germany remained the top five economies on the index.
  • It analyses the IP climate in 50 global economies. The index ranks countries based on 45 indicators.
  • Among the weaknesses, the index has cited barriers to licensing and technology transfer, including strict registration norms, limited framework for the protection of biopharmaceutical IP rights, patentability rules outside international standards, lengthy pre-grant opposition proceedings and previously used compulsory licensing for commercial and non-emergency situations as key hurdles.


  • WIPO Copyright treaty
  • Berne Convention

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